PRiME 2012 (日米電気化 学合同大会)における
「高温腐食と固体化学 10」セッションのご案内



東京工業大学 丸山俊夫
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本年、10月7日〜12日にホノルル(ハワイ)で開催されるPRiME 2012 (日米電気化 学合同大会)で「高温腐食と固体化学 10」のセッションを企画しております。 アブストラクトの締め切りが、4月13日と迫っております。多くの方の参加を期待 しております。よろしくお願いいたします。

【Call for Paper】

D5 High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 10
(High Temperature Materials / Corrosion)

This symposium will focus on the fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of high temperature oxidation and corrosion, as well as other chemical reactions involving inorganic materials at high temperatures. Both theoretical and experimental papers are encouraged.

Specifically, contributions on the following topics in the area of oxidation/corrosion are solicited:
(1.) fundamental mechanisms of high temperature oxidation;
(2.) reactions in complex environments and/or ultra high temperatures (>1500℃); and
(3.) response of protective coatings in high temperature environments.

In the area of high temperature chemistry, papers on the following topics are solicited:
(4.) thermodynamic property determination;
(5.) phase equilibria and phase transformations;
(6.) solid state diffusion; and
(7.) volatilization reactions.

An issue of ECS Transactions is planned to be published “AFTER” the meeting. All authors accepted for presentation are encouraged to submit their full text manuscript for the issue no later than November 16, 2012. All manuscripts will be submitted online, and must be in either MS Word or PDF format.
Abstracts should be submitted electronically to ECS headquarters, and questions and inquiries should be sent to the symposium organizers:

E. Opila, University of Virginia, email
J. W. Fergus, Auburn University, email
P. Gannon, Montana State University, email
D. Helmick, Carpenter Technology Corporation, email
T. Markus, Institute for EnergyResearch (IEF-2), email
T. Maruyama,Tokyo Institute of Technology, email
P. Masset, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, email
D. Shifler, Office of Naval Research, email
E. Wuchina, Naval Surface Warfare Center, email
S. Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo, email